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Recording with analog awesomeness!

Photo shows a live recording of MuscleDyke in a brewery

Live recording or as on-site studio

At BFD Rental & Recording we support artists, bands and producers in capturing their performance using an analog consoles and outboard. Be it to record a live performance at a festival or event or to setup an on-site studio to create where ever inspiration flows.

Together we’ll match the perfect console, outboard and converters recording into Protools. Additional tape saturation can be incorporated by running the tracks or the full recording through a reel-2-reel machine (Revox, AKAI or MCI). We even run a fully restored 24 track Mara MCI recorder.

With our partner Storyfountain we can also record and livestream video. Please check the video section for more details.

With a deep understanding of music and passion for quality we are happy to support you.

This is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)

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