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MioXL Midi interface


8×12 MIDI / USB network interface
8 MIDI inputs and 12 MIDI outputs
10 USB-MIDI host connectors with MIDI class-compliant support
MIDI interface, USB-MIDI, MIDI filter, MIDI patch-bay, MIDI routing matrix, MIDI merger
RTP-MIDI network connector with 22 virtual MIDI ports, controllable via a single cable
Wireless network MIDI functionality possible via WIFI (standard WIFI network hub required)
Multiple computers can be connected to each other via virtual network ports
Plug & play
Touch-sensitive control panel with touch control and additional OLED display
Custom presets can be saved and recalled from the control panel
Design: 19″ / 1HE
System requirements: Minimum Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, Windows 10 or higher, iOS 8 or higher with camera connection kit

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Dimensions 42 cm
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