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Infinity TF-260C& Fresnel


Infinity TF-260C7 Fresnel
7 Colour Fresnel 260 W LED

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The Infinity Signature TF-260C7 fixture is perfectly equipped for theatre and film applications. Seamlessly choosing the right colour temperature, adding the perfectly calibrated colour out of the virtual scroller, cancelling out rolling shutter and built-in Tungsten simulations. All these features combined turn the TF-260C7 into the only fixture for any TV-application. Lighting larger areas in a specified colour is no issue for the TF-260C7 Fresnel. With RGB, CMY or HSI control the desired colour is at your fingertips without worrying about the best possible mix from the 7 colours source, intelligence is inside. The zoom focus mechanism is easy and intuitive, both manually and motorised by dmx applicable between 15° to 50°.

This is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)

Weight 8,3 kg
Dimensions 47,4 × 32,2 × 45,7 cm
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