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Tascam ML32 interface rack – Dante

This Tascam interface can convert 32 analog IO from and to Dante.
Especially convenient for multitrack playback or (live) recording.

All in and output connections are Dsub25 connectors.

Waves Multirack

Waves Multirack / Soundgrid

Especially for engineers & acts who use Waves Plugins we’ve created a Waves Multitrack.
This rack enables you to run digital Waves plugins on our awesome analog consoles.

The set is driven by a Mac mini with a full Waves install. Soundgrid is converted to Dante by a iBridge interface and the analog IO is handled by a Tascam ML32D interface supporting 32 analog in-outputs. Please get in touch with us for connection options.

Side Rack A – FX & Dynamics

Side Rack A – FX & Dynamics

This easy to love side-rack is compatible with our; H1000 – H4000 – XL3 – XL4 1A & 1B – XL4 A.

– TL Audio C1 Dual Valve compressor
– TC Electronic Reverb 4000

– TC Electronic M3000
– Yamaha SPX 990
– TC Electronic D-Two delay
– Drawmer 1968 Dual Tube – Compressor
– 4x DBX 160a – mono Compressor
– 4x BSS DPR 402 – compressor / de-esser – 4x Drawmer DS 201 – dual gate
– Klark Teknik DN 370 – EQ