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Midas Heritage 1000

Midas Heritage 1000 – 36/4

Our Heritage 1000 is a 40 frame rig with 36 mono input and 4 stereo inputs.
One of our most compact desks but still awesome!

Midas Heritage 4000

Midas Heritage 4000 – 44/4

Developed on the frame of the Heritage 3000 this desk was created for monitor / in-ear  purposes. With the additional 8 stereo auxiliaries this console is able to drive 32 Aux busses.

Midas XL4 – Set A

Midas XL4 – 44-4

The Godfather of analog mixing consoles and still sought after by live & recording engineers, musicians and producers.

Our XL4 set A is build in the worlds first XL4 Flip Case!


Midas Heritage 3000

Midas Heritage 3000 – 44/4

Build upon the sound of the mighty XL range consoles.
This beauty is equipped with fixed cabling to her side-racks.