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8 Channel TC EQ Station

In order to control EQ and time multiple PA system components (main, subs, fills, delays etc.) we offer this beautiful TC EQ Station as part of our rental base.

Equipped with analog 8 in-outputs, 8 in-outputs AES EBU, full settings recall, moving faders remote, modelling of multiple EQ types this unit is suitable for practically every possible setup.

Packed neatly in a handy case including drawer for snakes and laptop plateau on top.

Waves Multirack

Waves Multirack / Soundgrid

Especially for engineers & acts who use Waves Plugins we’ve created a Waves Multitrack.
This rack enables you to run digital Waves plugins on our awesome analog consoles.

The set is driven by a Mac mini with a full Waves install. Soundgrid is converted to Dante by a iBridge interface and the analog IO is handled by a Tascam ML32D interface supporting 32 analog in-outputs. Please get in touch with us for connection options.

Side Rack C – Monitor rack

Side Rack C – Monitors

This rack is fitted for monitor work specifically. It comes with two effect engines, 8x compressor and 6x 32 band EQ

– Yamaha SPX-900
– TC Electronic M2000
– 2x BSS DPR 404 Quad Compressor
– 5x APEX GE232 32band graphic EQ / notch filter
– 1x APEX PE232 MKII 32band graphic EQ / parametric filter

Side Rack Heritage 3000 – Dynamics

Side Rack Heritage 3000 set – Dynamics
This rack has fixed cabling using LK to our Heritage 3000.

Side Rack Heritage 3000 – FX

Side Rack Heritage 3000 set – Effects
This rack has fixed cabling using LK to our Heritage 3000.

Lexicon 960L + LARC-2 remote

Lexicon 960L + LARC-2 Remote

One word, legendary! This high end multi effects processor is equipped with all boards and IO it can handle. Complete with LARC-II remote control and LK to XLR multicores.