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Microfoon stands

Microfoon stands set in flightcase which consists of:

2x XL overhead (K&M 21021)
6x Normal (K&M 210/9)
4x Medium (K&M 259)
3x Small (K&M 25950)
1x Straight round base (K&M 260/1)

BFD Rental Microfoon
Microphone kit – complete

Complete set of microphones, suitable for live audio or recording.

The set consists of:
– Audix Drum set (1x D6 – 2x D4 – 3x D2 – 2x I-5 – 1x SCX 1hc – 2x SCX 25a – 6x D-vice mount)
– DPA Kit met 10x DPA 4099 microfoon en verschillende clips
– Radial Engineering set met 4x Pro48 DI – 2x JDI Stereo DI – 2x USB Pro – 1x PZ-DI
– 1x Neumann KMS 105bk
– 1x DPA D:Facto 4018v
– 2x AKG C414 XLS (stereo matched pair)
– 2x AKG C451b (stereo matched pair)
– 1x EV RE20 RE
– 2x Sennheiser MD421-II
– 2x Sennheiser E906
– 2x Shure Beta 91a
– 2x Shure Beta 87a
– 2x Shure Beta 58a
– 2x Shure SM58 LC
– 2x Shure SM57 LC

Multicore set LK / RMP

Multicore set incl fan-out and stageblock (LK / RMP)

Protools HD Omni Interface Rack

Protools HD Omni Interface Rack

Driven by the HD Native thunderbolt interface or connect directly to your HDX port.
Adaptors for USB-C to TB2 are available.

– Protools interface rack Protools HD Native Thunderbolt interface
– Protools HD Omni 8 in-out interface (HDX aansluiting)
– Protools HDX kabelset (3mtr. + sync 3mtr)