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BFD Headphone kit
Headphone kit

This headphone kit is a must for recording or on-site music production.

The kit comes with with a 4-way headphone amplifier, power regulator & lights,
2x Beyerdynamic DT-770 (250Ohm) headphones and 2x 5mtr. jack extension cable.
Additional headphones are available on request.

Beside main volume controle for all channels the following functions are available on the amplifier:
– volume per channel
– bass & treble control
– balance left/right
– mute L or R
– mono / stereo switch
– aux input per channel

Waves Multirack

Waves Multirack / Soundgrid

Especially for engineers & acts who use Waves Plugins we’ve created a Waves Multitrack.
This rack enables you to run digital Waves plugins on our awesome analog consoles.

The set is driven by a Mac mini with a full Waves install. Soundgrid is converted to Dante by a iBridge interface and the analog IO is handled by a Tascam ML32D interface supporting 32 analog in-outputs. Please get in touch with us for connection options.

Protools HD Omni Interface Rack

Protools HD Omni Interface Rack

Driven by the HD Native thunderbolt interface or connect directly to your HDX port.
Adaptors for USB-C to TB2 are available.

– Protools interface rack Protools HD Native Thunderbolt interface
– Protools HD Omni 8 in-out interface (HDX aansluiting)
– Protools HDX kabelset (3mtr. + sync 3mtr)

Focusrite RED interface rack – Dante

vDante Interface rack with Focusrite RED 16 line interfaces.

Great converters, low latency and wide flexible use due to USB-C, HDX and Dante connection options. This rack gives you 32 analog IO’s.

Focusrite Red 16 line interface (HDX – USB-C – Dante)
Cisco SG350 – 20 switch
32 In-Out analog cable set(D-sub-XLR)
Cables USB-C / Ethernet Cat-5e