About us

Mammoths rise – We Love Analog!

BFD Rental is based on the passion of Andras Fictoor for top of the line analog consoles.

“We see less and less of these beautiful consoles out in the field. Digital consoles, with all their easy access tools, have taken over the industry.”

But still.. The fat sound, the brilliant EQ’s and the build quality of top of the line MIDAS consoles remains sought after and loved by many live & recording engineers, musicians and producers. That’s why BFD Rental exists. It’s where these beautiful desks are kept in the spotlight and in great condition for you to be able to rent analog awesomeness.

What the acronym BFD stands for? We’ll leave it up to our mascotte, Midas the Mammoth to tell you more about it. What it represents is high quality products driven by knowledge and passion!

Take a look around on our website and discover our product family and straight forward booking possibilities. Or, when you’re around, come over for a good cup a coffee, tickle some faders or for a hug with Midas.

You’re always welcome!

Andras Fictoor
Mammoth guardian

Fotografie: Menno Ridderhof

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