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About BFD Rental

Mammoths rise – We Love Analog!

BFD Rental is based on the passion of Andras Fictoor for top of the line analog consoles and gear.

“We see less and less of these beautiful consoles out in the field. We strive to keep them alive and available!”

The fat sound, the brilliant EQ’s and the build quality of top of the line audio consoles remains sought after and loved by many live & recording engineers, musicians and producers. That’s why BFD Rental exists. It’s where these beautiful desks and gear are kept in the spotlight and in great condition for you to be able to rent analog awesomeness.

What the acronym BFD stands for? We’ll leave it up to our mascotte, Midas the Mammoth to tell you more about it. What it represents is high quality products driven by knowledge and passion!

Take a look around on our website and discover our product family and straight forward booking possibilities. Or, when you’re around, come over for a good cup a coffee, tickle some faders or for a hug with Midas.

You’re always welcome!

Andras Fictoor
Mammoth guardian

Our passion

Passion, it’s something personal.

With a musical background, sound and the search for it came natural to me from a young age. I learned to play violin, piano and drums and started creating music based on combinations of instruments and computers from age 11. Playing in bands came in my early teens and I mixed and recorded my first band at 16 years old. Music, audio and many forms of technology play an integral role in my personal and professional life.

And not only a personal passion from Andras but BFD Rental & Recording is a shared passion of Sebastiaan de Kriek and Rodney van Zwol too.

A few years ago we purchased our first MIDAS Console (Heritage 3000-48) as a gift to ourselves. It didn’t take long before BFD Rental & Recording was born. Sharing this passion with dear friends Rodney van Zwol and Sebastiaan de Kriek, we began finding, restoring and collecting more consoles and gear to add to the collection. Currently our family of mammoths consists of a wide range of consoles many with lovely stories to tell.

Special shout out to Niels Hoogendoorn and Emma Jongen. Niels who’s not yet fully audio gear nerd as the rest but loves a good branding and who’s responsible for the logo and webdesign. Emma who has worked hard on our new website getting our gear list integrated and working the way it is now. Thanks guys, you rock!

With a two PR04m’s and a PR05 our collection ranges from the late 70’s to the early 2000’s with the Heritage 4000 as one of the last analog consoles to be created by MIDAS rounding of the MIDAS collection. But also 2 beautiful Yamaha PM5000’s and an ATI Paragon II can be found here. Our analog channel count well exceeds 1000 channels.

Beside the consoles our outboard collection has grown to an impressive collection ranging from the late 70’s to current. To connect into the digital times we have a range of interfaces enabling us to link to MADI, Dante, Waves, USB-C and HDX.

So for who is BFD Rental & Recording.
First and foremost for anyone who loves that beautiful analog sound and the process involved with it. Be it for live audio, live recording or music production. We service from microphones till amps. For amps & speakers we partner with solid suppliers.

We Love Analog!


Please find more about the history of MIDAS here.

About & history

What about digital?

Analog and digital co-exist at BFD Rental & Recording. In order to integrate into modern digital setups we have a wide range of converters available. Depending on preference our customers can select from Focusrite, AVID, Grass Valley, Antelope, Tascam and Apogee.

Where we operate

From the center of europe: Someren

BFD Rental is based in the Netherlands. Our office is situated in Someren, Noord-Brabant. Although we operate from the Netherlands, our products are real travelers. We deliver all over Europe to spread the analog awesomeness.

Festival, live-recording, event or music production.

Live engineers, recording artists, musicians and producers.

This is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)

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