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We love analog.

Just like our mascotte – Midas the Mammoth – our analog consoles are heavy, big and true survivors. Still loved for their phenomenal sound, build quality and ease of use for live recordings, live sound at concerts & festivals or music production. From microphone till amplifier, you’ll find your gear with us.

Our analog and mostly vintage consoles receive continuous maintenance, cleaning and testing so you have access to the best analog awesomeness!

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Rent analog (and digital) awesomeness in top condition for your events or festivals.

Our gear receives continuous servicing to let you enjoy the best.

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Do you want to that true analog sound for your recording? We are happy to record your (live) production or set up a temporary studio. We offer a wide range of recording possibilities.

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Together with Storyfountain, we are your partner for video registration, livestream and recording. Learn more about company videos, event highlights, festival aftermovies, our livestream possibilities and video productions or videos of your analog music recordings.

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Quality gear, knowledge and passion.

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The perfect gear for your analog awesomeness

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BFD Rental is started with the passion of Andras Fictoor for top of the line analog consoles. “They’re just phenomenal! That unique sound, the EQ’s.. We just love it and that’s why we keep them alive for you to enjoy”

The sound is still sought after and loved by many live & recording engineers, musicians and producers. That’s why BFD Rental exists. It’s where these beautiful desks are kept in the spotlight and in great condition for you to be able to rent analog awesomeness.

We are home to a large collection of MIDAS consoles but also offer Yamaha and recently added our first ATI Paragon II.

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Watch an interview with our founder & analogue audio expert Andras Fictoor.

This is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)

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